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How do you pronounce jalapeño?

Monday, Monday.
You know what totally sucks? The fact that today I found a giant hole in the front of one of my teeth. It is a molar on the bottom mostly toward the back. But it is a huge freaking HOLE. How did this happen? Also, why am I talking myself into having it hurt me? Yikes.

Today, my good friend Dawn came over with her two little kids, and we watched a couple episodes of the always fabulous Kyle XY. (I will make you watch it. It is horrible and awesome.) It's always fun to hang out with Dawn.

After she left, the hospital bed replacement guy came to fix my bed (it has been not sitting up high enough and being all kinds of horrible to me for quite awhile). He tried to just fix it, but every single part of the bed need be replaced, so he just got me a new one.

My poor sister KeriAnn is not feeling very good at all because of her sore legs. She hiked down to Black Beach on Saturday night, and her legs have been killing her ever since. She took off today, and she is not going into work tomorrow. I just hope that she feels better ASAP, especially since she is going to be taking me to Comic-Con on Wednesday and Thursday. Anyway, she called and I told her to come over, and that prompted our last-minute trip to the store to buy some medicine for her.

Then, my new and truly fabulous friend named Jenn met me at my house to take me to a church activity with her. (Jenn is very cool, totally interesting, and super smart.) She is also going to be coming to ComicCon with me on Friday and Saturday. That she is genuinely excited about coming with me makes me very extremely happy.

The church activity was good especially since we got to listen to someone speak with an Irish accent! I'm not exactly sure what we were supposed to have learned, but I'm reasonably sure it was something about not being too prideful, but it lacked a real central theme. I was just glad it wasn't going to be all about chastity (one of the speakers opened with a story about chastity, and I'm glad it went a different direction). It was cool, though. It was also good to see the people there. I am not a total social butterfly, but I don't suck at communicating with people, and most of the time I don't hate it.

And, now I am about to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be super awesome because I have three doctor's appointments: one for my eyes, another for my feet, and another for my tight muscles at the regular doctor's office. Does this make me a doctor-seeing geek? (This is a rhetorical question, but yes, it does make me a special kind of geek.)

Two days until ComicCon! I am so excited! Rock!!!1!!