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The past couple of days.
On Wednesday, I went to Seaworld with my mom for her birthday. KeriAnn came, too. It was great, except for the part where my mom's shoes got totally wet, and then we wanted to get her some new shoes, and I was all, "follow me," and then they did not do that, and they totally lost me. I had to find a security guard to help me call them on my phone. However, we had a great time. I saw Sea Lions Tonight for the first time, and that was so much fun. I almost didn't go, and I'm glad that I did. It was incredibly funny.

Thursday involved much chilling. Then, Sarah and Bryce came over to watch TV. We watched the (incredibly & tragically) canceled series Do Over for a while. Charity was thinking about coming over, but she had to go back to her house-sitting duties in Orange County. We will probably hang out on Tuesday next week.

Friday night my mom and I hung out all day running errands and stuff. First, we got my brand-new reading glasses (which I should probably be wearing now). Then, we got some grub at Wienerschnitzel (I got corn dog nuggets, and she got a kraut dog). We had to go to get her blood drawn for her arthritis doctor, and there was no line! Usually, the blood drawing place is hugely crowded, but not yesterday. After that we deposited checks -- she had four, and I had one. I got a bunch of rolls of change (a sort of an incentive for my sister Katelynne; I sprinkled aforementioned change into all the drawers I need to organize, and if she finds it, she can keep it). Then, we got our nails done, and got some Chinese food. By then it was time to pick up my sister from band camp, and we finally got home around 4:45 PM. (My sister lost her band binder, and my mom helped her find it which took more time.)

I took a nap until my Mom and brother made me order pizza. As we ate the delicious pizza from Papa John's, we watched Monk & Psych, both of which I really liked. Then I went to bed and played da Vinci's Secret with my mom until we got too tired. Oh yeah, last night Kevin helped me with putting the coins in all my drawers. The coin count stands at: quarters: 8, dimes: 102, nickels: 43, pennies: 101. So, if she finds all of the coins she should be $15.46 richer.

I'm working on transferring my domains to GoDaddy instead of ipowerweb. I feel sad because ipowerweb has always served me faithfully, but when you've got 2GB at $167.50 versus 50GB at $153.25, it makes sense to switch. Plus, I've already paid for the space. So, I'm backing up all of my files right now. If I do hosting for you, I will probably e-mail you to let you know what is going to be happening. This should also serve as incentive for me to finish my new design, so we'll see about that! I hope it does.