August 14th, 2006


I'm not sure about many things... except for Psych. The program is awesome!

  • My Fall 2006 TV chart

  • I had a weird dream last night wherein I was caught in the crossfires of a police/gang war and was shot by a machine gun in the elbow and knee. I managed to limp away, and then my best friend Cecilia removed the bullet for me. All this other weird stuff happened, too, but I can't remember.

  • I feel horrible, and I have a fever. It might be the flu, but I don't know.

  • The other day I saw You, Me & Dupree. It was pretty good.

  • I also saw The Dempsey's Lucky Seven on Friday night. It was a pretty cute show, even if it was totally predictable and really formulaic.

  • Today was my siblings' first day at school. It looks like everyone had a good time, so that makes me very happy.

  • My parents bought a giant 62 in. widescreen TV for the family room. It's pretty sweet, but I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it, yet.

  • Tomorrow, I go to school to see if I can work on the newspaper this semester. I'm actually considering not going, but we will see how I feel tomorrow. (I'm also not sure if I want to work on the newspaper staff; on one hand, I really love journalism, but on the other hand, I am already taking 18 credits next semester, not counting the nine credits I will be helping my sister Kellie with.)

  • I just caught up on Gilmore Girls, and I am not so sure I want to continue watching next year. I may just wait and download season seven all at once. I'm not sure it deserves my weekly viewership.

  • Now I just need to catch up on Prison Break and watch the series finale of Alias, and I will be officially done with last season's TV.

  • Psych is great TV, y'all. My highest recommendations. I already got my friend Charity (and her family) addicted. I will be providing episodes as soon as my whole domain transferring thing gets cleared up. (I'm so confused by the transfer, and I don't know if it will be cleared up until I am unlazy enough to pick up a phone and yell at them.)

  • I'm not really a complainer, but, dang, do I ever feel like crap.