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Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert
Last night, I saw Mars Volta, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers in San Diego.

Mars Volta was very incredibly LOUD. I didn't understand what any of the words were that the lead singer was singing. Also, he didn't seem super into the crowd. A lot of the time, he sung with his back toward the audience. They had about 20 musicians making a complete racket. I was sad because I couldn't plug my own ears. Finally, they ended. My ears were stinging with loudness. I hope I don't have any permanent damage.

RHCP was awesome. They played about 20 songs including: "Can't Stop," "Dani California," "Charlie," "Scar Tissue," "Fortune Faded," "21st-century," "Give It Away," "By the Way," "Me and My Friends," "Californication," "Snow (Hey Oh)," "Save the Population," and a Ramones cover. Guitarist John also blessed the audience with "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?". Very cool. They played some other songs, but I can't remember a lot of them.

They were phenomenal. They are such talented musicians. Those guys can PLAY. One of the only bad things was the seats. Nobody ever sits in them. This is especially bad when you are in a wheelchair, and your view greatly depends on the seated position of the people in front of you. My only other complaint were the stoners who would randomly light up and blow marijuana smoke everywhere. It's not so bad if it is outdoors, but this was an indoor concert. It's so inconsiderate. There could be pregnant concertgoers there or people who are severely asthmatic etc. I understand if you want to be high, but no one would stop you from eating some "funny" brownies. (And, actually, I don't understand if you would want to be high; if you actually want to remember clearly how awesome RHCP are you wouldn't be consuming substances that cause you to forget.)

Anyhow, it was a cool night, and I had a great time hanging with Kellie, Kurtis, and his friend Alejandro.