September 28th, 2006


What's going on in Kimland

It has come to my attention by my sister, Kristine, that I have not posted in two weeks.

So, what's up with me? What a good question.

  1. SCHOOL: I have been doing pretty well in school, but need to do even better. I have massive amounts of reading to catch up on in almost every single class.

    I am doing a really cool group project in my linguistics class which involves studying the language of "chick flick" trailers versus "guy movie" trailers. It should be pretty exciting. My group is a really cool bunch of girls who are both good students and excited about the project.

    I am having a hard time staying awake in my cultural studies class, not because it is boring, but because it is about that perfect time of day (around 2:00 PM) where all I want to do is NAP.

    Also, yesterday I handed in my independent study registration form, which I should have done several weeks ago, and I had to go through all of these hoops because of how late I was. No one told me there was a time limit. I should have known better, though, but it should go through just fine.

    I'm having a blast in my American literature class. We just read The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, which I highly recommend. It is not only informative, but extremely entertaining.

    In my British literature class, we just read Persuasion, which I really enjoyed. And, hey, checkout how much reading I just admitted to doing. That is more than usual for Kim. I really am trying hard this semester! Go me!

  2. TV: I have already crossed two of my shows off of my list: Vanished and The Class. I somehow missed the Vanished premiere, it starting so early back in August. I would have caught up, but for the reviews of pretty much everyone I have come across have been saying the show is dren and not to waste my time with it. I ditched The Class after seeing the season premiere. I wanted to add this to my lineup because of one Jason Ritter, who I had the pleasure of once meeting. It's just not all that great of a show, though. I think it tries too hard, and I was bored after watching just five minutes of it.

    In the meantime, Prison Break has completely eaten my brain. My mom and I are both obsessed with it, and having been spoiled watching the first season DVDs and the first five second season episodes in rapid succession, do not like having to WAIT for new episodes now that we are caught up.

    I actually watched Gilmore Girls Tuesday night. It really was not that bad, and may even be kind of good. Speaking of good, though, I somehow managed to get my hands on the first episode of Veronica Mars (which will not be shown until October 3) and I was not disappointed at all. I didn't really have any expectations, but still, good stuff.

    In other TV news, I am very happy about The Office and My Name Is Earl, both of which, especially the former, were in high form last week. I also caught Grey's Anatomy last week, and was impressed at how horrible Derek is, but I still hate Meredith more just for existing. (My sister Kellie said, "I wish it was Dr. Addison Shepherd's Anatomy because she doesn't suck like Meredith.")

    I am very excited about the premieres tonight of Supernatural, Smallville and One Tree Hill (which I have yet to watch, though it premiered last night). Also, how much does "The CW" logo suck? It's so huge. I have a hard time watching the actual show because I keep staring at it.

  3. CHURCH: It's going pretty good. It is sometimes hard not to become completely overwhelmed, but I am very happy with how things are going. I work with a great bunch of girls. We have a bunch of really awesome ideas on how to improve things and we are on our way to making a bunch of really cool things happen.

  4. FAMILY: My mom and I are about to start on the family Halloween newsletter which we send out every year instead of Christmas cards. That should be exciting. Also, Katelynne is performing tonight with marching band, and that should be really cool. Kurtis is doing good with school, and really trying hard in his AP history class. He has a B+, which is most excellent for how difficult this class really is. KeriAnn is doing so much better now that she switched wards and is going to church in Carlsbad instead of Escondido. Kellie seems to be doing really good in school, as well. She has just found out that she is actually pretty smart and a very good student. She also seems a lot happier since she and Brandon have decided to officially call it quits. Kevin is working a lot more, and he just got a raise in his job, so he is pretty happy about that. He also got his driver's license back recently, is insured on his car, and has it temporary registered, all very good things. My dad was having a really horrible time because his Darth Vader mask machine he sleeps with (because of sleep apnea) broke, and he was not sleeping for like an entire week. He finally got a new one that is even better, so that makes everyone very happy.

  5. OCCUPATIONAL: I have just joined the staff of a college magazine called Locale. It pays nothing, but I get the pleasure of writing articles and beefing up my résumé a little more. I also applied to be the ASI webmaster at my school which is a paid position. I'm not the only one who applied, so we will see if I get the gig. Speaking of web sites, I have updated my personal web site with the new design I have been working on since March of this year.

    ThinkFirst, which wanted me to be a VIP (Voice for Injury Prevention), is asking me if I want to do that again. I gave them my information, but they have yet to call me.

So, that is what is up with me lately. I think I will go and do some reading for school now.