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Random update
Joan of Arcadia
  • Wheelchair update: The mobility place where I purchased my wheelchair finally called me back while I was at school. Since I couldn't answer, they left me a message: "We will not be able to help you with your wheelchair. Sorry. Bye." Basically, that place is horrible. I need to report them to someone because that is unacceptable behavior. Anyhow, I managed to find a mobility place based in Colton that actually cares about its customers. Unlike Hemet Mobility, they actually call their customers back when they say they're going to, and are nice to them on the phone. So, they made an appointment with me and are coming to my house on Tuesday to look at my chair. If my chair is beyond repair (which, sadly, is very likely) they will help me procure a new one.

  • Occupational update: I was hired for the webmaster position at my school. I have my first meeting with them on Monday. I have the option of earning $2500 this semester and $2500 next semester (depending on how many hours I work). Nice, right? Also, I think it is pretty cool that I was hired, because I wasn't the only applicant. At least one other guy interviewed for the position, and they liked me the best!

  • School update: This coming week is going to be my last "chill" week. The week after this week I have a bunch of midterms and giant papers due, and all that awesome stuff. I have started to listen to The Last of the Mohicans at night, and while I may not be learning very much about the book, I am having no trouble falling asleep. (This should not be a reflection on the excitingness of the book, but my awesome ability to fall asleep while "listening" to constant human speech.)

  • TV update: I have yet to watch Battlestar Galactica, but I think I am caught up on everything else I watch (besides Smallville & Ugly Betty which I am behind on by one episode each).

    Grey's AnatomyCollapse )

    I think I have decided not to watch Gilmore Girls until I have more time. I am very sad that Prison Break isn't going to be new until the end of October. Oh yeah, it's on FOX. I almost forgot about their baseball deal.

  • Family update: Katelynne was awesome at her band competition a week from yesterday. Her band got first-place in drumline, color guard and band at the Rancho Buena Vista Field Tournament. It was very cool.

  • Miscellany: Church is going well, and I am pretty happy with our progress as a presidency. I have a lot more meetings to go to, but I kind of like meetings. It makes me feel important. Hehe.

    Also, Justin is coming to visit for a little while within the next couple of weeks. That should be cool. If he comes to school with me, he will be able to crush on his fantasy girlfriend again (my linguistics teacher). :-)

  • Miscellany part II: Sometimes, I curse my curious mind. It makes it so hard to read things on a deadline, because I am constantly wanting to learn more about a new word I read, or the historical background of certain points, or the validity of the studies used within the context, and that makes it extremely difficult to just finish.

  • Miscellany part III: Also, daylight saving time is coming up on the last Sunday of the month. That means it is going to be getting dark around 5:30 PM, which totally stinks. I hate this part of the year because of the DARKNESS which is so oppressive and makes everyone tired. :-(

Well, I didn't mean to end on such a dark note. Let's see if there's anything I can think of to cheer this entry up... The other night I had a dream where I chose to go back in time to freshman year in high school, just so I could influence this one girl (never met her in real life) to swim, because she was meant for the Yale swimming team. While I was at high school, I ran into my ninth-grade crush. He also chose to get sent back in time, so he was telling me about his current life (married with two sons; I wonder if that is true), but since none of that stuff had happened yet he totally kissed me. Which was something he said he had always wanted to do. Nice!