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All this is very important!
Joan of Arcadia
My subject line supposed to be sarcastic. It's hard to convey that, although I did try by putting "!" at the end.

I realize I have not updated in over a week.

My chair is still broken as ever, seeing as the repair guy who came to fix it actually made it worse. He is going to try again tomorrow.

I have like four exams this week. Yay!

Also, I went to my sister's competition last Saturday and this past Saturday, and her band did very well. They received first place in all categories in the first competition, and they got fourth place in band at the second (the competition was really a lot in the second one).

I start my job today, officially.

We hope to have our family newsletters sent out by tomorrow. They are kind of a lot of work. But they look awesome!

I have lots of TV comments, but I will write about that later. I must leave for school in a little bit.