October 27th, 2006


Looking up!

So, I am doing a lot better lately. My wheelchair is 33% fixed which is about 40 times better than 0% fixed. I can now tilt, which is very awesome because now I am not falling out of my chair as much.

Justin (ddh) is here, and has been since Monday night. I can't believe it is Friday already. Where did my week go? It went by fast.

Also, Cecilia, one of my BFFs, is in town. Yay! I haven't seen her yet, but I am excited!!!

I got back my cultural studies test, and surprisingly, I got 90%. Normally, 90 wouldn't be something to celebrate (for me), but considering I had almost no idea what I was talking about (and, at one point, I even compared transnational corporations to vampirism) I am very happy about that grade. I also received a 100% on my second linguistics paper, and an A on my Persuasion paper. I think I did well on my American literature tests, which I should be getting back on Monday. School is going pretty well, so far.

Church is also keeping me pretty busy. I went to a meeting last night. It was a great meeting, even if it was a little on the long side.

All of this busyness makes it so hard to keep up with my TV! I am current on Prison Break, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, and My Name Is Earl only. I keep on depriving myself of watching because I have so much homework (and other stuff) to do, but I don't really do it, either.

Also, my former attendant and One Tree Hill watching companion Dawn just had her baby last week. Yay! She named the baby Sydney Nicole. She is hoping to come over sometime next week.