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School stuff, new dog, how awesome I am
Fear or loved
Right now I am preparing to go back to school. I am not the happiest about it. I have to have one more class to sign up for in order to graduate, and it is becoming increasingly difficult. I thought I had it -- working on the newspaper -- and then WHAM! They're like, "you can't work for us because you work for ASI." Totally sucks. I either have to give up newspaper (which I had never really started to do) or give up my paid position with ASI (student government group). If I give up newspaper I'm going to have to find another class to fulfill my requirements in order to graduate. Such a sticky situation!

In other news, my brother just got a cute little puppy (that is going to turn into one MASSIVE dog). You can see pictures below.
cute little puppy!Collapse )

His name is Graphic, which, I don't know why it is, or how it was picked. I'd much rather call him Toby or Granola or Rocky or Fluoride. But, Graphic is just fine.

Today, I am going to go to my school to return a library book that I have been borrowing since October. I can't even renew it online anymore because I've renewed too many times. I didn't even read it.

Speaking of things I didn't do, I have been signed up for NetFlix again, thinking, "Yeah, this time I will actually watch the movies. And return them! And get my money's worth! Yes! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" I just barely returned two DVDs that I have been renting since last July, possibly late June. And that is for a value of $17.99 per month. Yeah, I know you want to be me. Oh yeah, I didn't even watch one of them.

So, that's it! I'm glad there is exciting new TV tonight!