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On Monday, I got my hair cut. It is a little shorter than I would have liked, but my hair grows twice as fast as normal human hair, so it will be the length I want to be in like two weeks. However, I am extremely happy about it. My hair was getting really long!

On Tuesday, I finished my Groundhog Day cards. They got mailed off that evening. If you get them before Groundhog Day, that would be the awesome. If you get them afterward, it's still a cool card, and we are still in the Groundhog Day spirit, right?

Also on Tuesday, my school's weekly newspaper came out, and I had two articles: Cross cultural center welcomes students, and What's Lost Is Waiting to Be Found. You can check out the articles here. One of them is in the news section, the the other is in features.

I love working on the newspaper, by the way. It is one of the classes I am enjoying most this semester. The people there are so made of awesome that it blows me away.

Speaking of newspaper, I have an article coming up and I could use a little help from you Internet people. My article is about A-pluses in university systems. If you went to any post secondary schooling, please feel out the below poll. Oh yeah, please encourage any of your friends to stop by as well. That would help me out immensely!

Did any of your post secondary institutions give A pluses?

Have not attended post secondary institution.
Attended more than one institution and their grading systems were different.

If your answer was "no," let me know what school that was.

If your answer was "yes," let me know what school that was.

Any other useful information regarding grading?