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Getting better.
Hello. I am actually doing much better, and I would consider myself out of danger. Thank you so much for all of the well wishing.

I still have a sore throat, somewhat, and I think it is because it is unusually dry. I asked if I could have the humidifier on for one more night and my mom said no.

Today, my mom and sisters and brother finally moved my brother Kevin into Kurtis's room. That is a great relief to me, because now we will have a room to put all of our emergency supplies. Emergency supplies have become a huge thing to me lately because I have recently watched six episodes in a row of Jericho, which besides being somewhat addictive and entertaining, also scares the crap out of me. I do not want America to be bombed, oh my goodness. Being without power? Would not work for me. At all. Not even a little bit. And what happens when all of the food runs out? I have been obsessively scouring the Internet for food storage solutions and survival food rationing. We are going to get on track really soon. I have decided to make this a family priority.

So, now I have just finished my homework after working on it all day long. I feel proud of myself because I actually did all of my reading. All 144 pages of it (for one class)! I did the reading for my American Lit class which was a 20 page story, but that is also kind of long. I didn't do anything for my theater arts class. And I have a quiz tomorrow.

Well, I am going to turn in. I think I am going to listen to a book to go to sleep instead of watching Star Wars which I have been doing for the past couple of nights. When I am sick, I like putting on the Original Trilogy which my grandma put on one VHS tape for me. But, since I am so much better I am going to go back to the original nighttime procedures.