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What bad luck, what good luck
California bear
So, bad news: the helper girl I was going to hire suddenly quit for no good reason. I am now helper-less. I don't like it, especially because it makes my mom really cranky.

The last week in March I'm going with my sister and mom to visit relatives in Utah. We're hoping my sister has her baby while we are there -- she is due like March 28.

I got my final portfolio done this weekend thanks to my awesome friend Chris. I can't wait to turn it in.

On Tuesday, I'm going to Los Angeles to see a panel on Jericho. Also, I have two extra tickets to this panel because I actually won them because I was one of the first 10 e-mailers of some contest. I've never actually won anything before, but it's too bad that I won something I already paid for. Anyone want them?