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Last entry about school. I promise
ltwr 305 A- 3.9 (forms of written discourse)
ltwr 475 A 4.0 (the writing process)
ltwr309b B 3.0 (American literature II)
ltwr495c A+ 4.3 (newspaper internship)
ta 323 A+ 4.3 (power & popular culture)

Above are my grades for last semester. Not too bad. I feel kind of bad that the only two Bs I've ever received were both in American literature.

Justin comes to visit tomorrow or the next day. That should be cool.

Graduation was also pretty cool. I got to see Jenifer, and that was pretty sweet. I was also the first one called in my college. I wish it would have been sunnier. It was a pretty cold day. My dad, KeriAnn, Kellie, Kristine, Kevin Hunter, Preston, Katelynne and Kurtis all came to see me. Also, my cousin Cary was there, though we didn't see him. He dropped a card off at my house afterwards.

I'm having a graduation party at my house this Friday at seven o'clock. Let me know if you would like to/are able to come.