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It's been 19 days since my last confession...
Click yes!!
I haven't updated since the day before my birthday, and that is pretty pathetic. I have been really busy, much busier than I was even during school last semester.

My birthday was really great. I just had a couple people come over and have cake with my family. Our oven was broken, so we baked my cake at our neighbor's house. I can't believe I'm 27, but... yeah. 27. It feels like I should be a grownup by now, but I so totally do not feel like a grownup.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but I got a new helper. Her name is Lindsay, and she has the same middle and last name as me. She is a really cool girl who is sweet, smart and well, just about excellent in every way. I only get her for another three weeks before she goes back to school (vacation, then school). Anyhow, her mom wants to work for me after she is gone, so hopefully that can work out.

This summer, my family has been kind of obsessed with reality TV, but especially those summertime talent competitions. I try to be good and not watch too much reality TV, because I believe that it is bad for the human soul, but once I start watching America's Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance, I can't look away. My eyeballs are glued. I really like the former, and I believe it is a much more entertaining show to watch than American Idol. Right now, they are out there watching Last Comic Standing, and laughing their heads off. I wish I could watch it, especially because it is hosted by my boyfriend, Bill Bellamy (a.k.a. Deaqon Hayes), but too much reality is bad for Kim. I have to draw the line somewhere. You think it would be at Kid Nation, but I'm totally planning on watching that one. Kids under 15 trying to make a society work without adults in an abandoned ghost town? It's like Boxcar Children meets Lord of the Flies. I saw the preview, and I am sad sad sad, because I cannot wait to see it!

Other than that, I have been given busy with school and other small (smallish) projects. It's been pretty cool. Yesterday, I made my sister go through all of the cables and wires we have tangled in drawers and untangle them and roll them up. Then, my dad sorted them into categories according to use. Now, we have no tangled cables. It feels pretty good. The other day, I had Lindsay help me with organizing the DVDs. It feels good to have everything in alphabetical order. Is the abecedarian way of life.

I watched Evan Almighty on Tuesday. It was really cute, and it was written by the writer of Thumb Wars, Steve Oedekerk. It was really very funny, and I give it a good recommendation.

Also, my dad "helped" me figure out a problem with my Microsoft Outlook, and now all of my inbox e-mail is on the Microsoft Outlook program instead of where I like it -- back in the Yahoo e-mail inbox that I have grown so attached to. Now, I am really sad because all of the e-mail I have not answered is on a different server, and I don't have a way to send it back. It's so stupid, and I am really mad about it. Stupid Microsoft Outlook! Why did you have to eat all of my mail? Why are you so... dumb!?

Speaking of things which are dumb, my sister Kellie signed up to take a political science course online, and the teacher was a total Nazi. I'm taking graduate school online right now, and her class was so much harder. The teacher wanted students to take a look at the United States Constitution and the California State Constitution and compare and contrast. If that doesn't sound like "busywork," I don't know what is. Anyhow, it was a bunch of nonsense. If you fulfilled all of his requirements on any given assignment? You are not guaranteed a good grade. You have to significantly exceed the requirements in order to get an 80% or above (and he doesn't unambiguously tell how to exceed the requirements). The syllabus says that the class takes 6-8 hours a week of work, but I was helping her with this, and it was more like 6-8 hours of work every day. That is ridiculous. I told her that it was not worth all the work. My online class for graduate school is challenging, but I don't think that a community college online undergraduate course should be harder. Oh, and the test questions were equally ridiculous. He doesn't give out study guides apart from "memorize your textbook and the United States Constitution." Some of the questions were: "what does United States Constitution say in article one section eight?" "When was the 24th amendment ratified?" Yes, it is multiple-choice, but still. That is completely ridiculous. This is an INTRODUCTION to political science. This isn't the class where you memorize the Constitution for fun. She dropped the class.

She is taking art appreciation online, and that is a more relaxed class where the teacher actually cares about students earning something.

Anyhow, that is what is going on in this corner of the world. How have you been?