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The summertime...
Summer is my favorite time of year. I always kind of assumed I like it best because I was born in the summertime, but a lot of people not born in the summer like it best. I think that everyone should. I love the sunlight; I love the heat.

My summer, so far, is going by much too fast. I feel like it is a time for me to accomplish so much more because I have all this "spare time," but lately, I have found that this so-called spare time is eluding me. There are so many things to be looking forward to, but I feel like the anticipation is what is filling up most of my time.

I am looking forward to going to ComicCon. And, it just hit me that the trip is coming up like in just a couple of weeks. Whoa! (By the way, Julie, I don't think that I will be spending any nights in San Diego. So, you don't have to count me.)

I finished my first class in National University. I received a 96%. Yay! I start my second class tomorrow. There are a lot of weird things going on with financial aid. I tried calling my adviser, because you can't talk to any real people in the financial aid office, but I ended up with the voicemail. I received a bill from the University that says I owe them over $2500. So, yeah, there is a little bit of anxiety going on.

Tomorrow, I am going to visit some old friends from high school. One, a girl I have known since second-grade, I have not seen in over eight years. And the other one I have seen in the recent past. Both are staying in Carlsbad just down the road from us.

I really want to go to Seaworld soon. I feel like I'm not using my passport like I should be. Seaworld really is best in the summer, especially when it is hot outside, and it has been pretty hot lately. I like it when it is still warm in the shade. That is like the perfect temperature.

Anyhow, I have been playing hard and working hard. Does anyone have any advice on how to make summer seem like it is going by slower?