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Crazy times!
Yesterday, the wheelchair guys came over and showed me this chair, the Q600. I really liked it, so I am going to be getting it. Hopefully. It went over really big rocks, grassy hills and bumps so easily. It even stays straight (doesn't venture side to side) when going on slanting surfaces. It has a totally different drive method (mid-wheel drive as opposed to back wheel drive) than my current chair, so that will take a lot of practice before I am used to it.

After the wheelchair guys left, I saw Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix with my friend Kim. I fell asleep like five times, but from what I remember, I liked it okay.

After leaving the theater, I met my friend Lachelle at Seaworld. We had a blast. We stayed way past 11 o'clock, and we didn't get home until two o'clock in the morning. Yikes! I am really tired right now.

Today was my helper Lindsay's last day. :-(

But, for good news, the ComicCon schedule is now available! I am so excited! How many of you cats are going? Answer my poll.
Poll #1020941 ComicCon 2007

Will you be going to ComicCon?