September 19th, 2007

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Beauty and the Geek & Kid Nation

If you know me, you know that I don't really like reality TV. I think that it is cheap, and for a while, I thought it was going to kill scripted television altogether. I generally think that reality TV brings out the worst in humanity, and that it is little more than a freak show broadcast in the privacy of America's (or the world's) homes. That being said, I have caught myself enjoying two reality TV shows: Beauty and the Geek and Kid Nation.

Beauty and the Geek: I caught this gem of reality in its second season (it is currently in its fourth). I admit that it does play into a lot of stereotypes regarding male and female behavior and especially geek versus bimbo mentalities, but it also does a lot to break these same stereotypes. I feel that this is an acceptable show to watch because the goal is to help individuals change -- to expose some self-involved beauties to other points of view, and to give some much needed assistance (and self-confidence) to some socially clueless geeks. They say that this is a "social experiment," and it really is. I could totally see some academic papers written about this show.

Kid Nation: After I saw the previews for this show, I knew I had to watch. The premise is 40 kids for 40 days with no adults trying to make a functional society work. It's not really "no adults"; there are cameramen, crew, and a host that shows up every once in a while. Nothing bad is going to happen to these kids. While it may not be as socially valuable as the aforementioned reality show, it is completely entertaining. I think it does the children a lot of good, too -- to build self-confidence, leadership skills, to promote teambuilding, to introduce children to a type of "real world," and there is the added incentive of winning a $20,000 gold star. If the kids want to, they can go home. No one is forcing them to be there.

Collapse ) Anyhow, if you haven't seen it, you should think about it. It's on CBS Wednesdays 8/7.

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So, that's what I've been up to, besides, you know, school stuff. Also, I've been catching up on Smallville, which is a lot easier to watch right in a row than having to wait for a week or more between episodes.