November 30th, 2007

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Back from vacation

Thanksgiving break was awesome. The drive to Utah was not awesome. Passing San Bernardino, we got pulled over going 87 mph in the number one lane pulling a trailer. The ticket for that costs $600-$700. Luckily for us, the cops who pulled us over told us it was "too close to the holidays" for them to write us up. Bonus! The drive took about 10 hours.

It was great to see both sets of grandparents, some uncles aunts and cousins, and to eat Thanksgiving dinner. There is a reason why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and about 45% of the reason is the food. We had a great turkey, stuffing, cheesy potatoes (our family favorite), mashed potatoes with gravy, orange rolls, regular rolls, juice, awesome salad, fruit salad and pies. After I had some of just about everything, I wasn't even full. It was awesome. A little bit after dinner, I had some more delicious food. Yum. I love Thanksgiving. As a result, I am never going to eat anything ever again. Which, is totally not true, because I love food.

I got to see both sets of grandparents, which was very cool. We stay at my mom's parents' house, which means we get to see them more than the other side. I really like staying there, with the exception of the temperature. Both grandparents have become really skinny, and as a result they are always cold. I think they must keep their house at like 85° or something. My family stays down in the basement, thus regulating the otherwise unbearable heat. I, however, am confined to the upstairs area with the grandparents. Even though it got down to like 25° outside, I never felt cold. It was like I had a constant fever, even in the cold I was warm.

Anyhow, they are fun grandparents. We played lots of cards, solved lots of crosswords, and ate Joe Vera's -- their favorite Mexican restaurant.

We saw the other grandparents a couple of times, and we went to eat at another Mexican restaurant (Los Hermanos). Both Mexican restaurants, I should mention, do not serve very good salsa. They were both little more than spicy (somewhat chunky) ketchup. Utah, for the most part, is not big on the spicy. It's extremely hard to get a nice bag of flaming hot cheetos there, and I think it is impossible to get a multi-pack of them, although Utah seems to love multi-pack of everything else.

My sister KeriAnn, who is going to beauty college at Paul Mitchell, decided to go crazy on everyone's hair. And, when I say "crazy," I do not necessarily mean that in a bad way. I thought she did a great job on everyone else's hair (with the exception of my mom's new bangs), but I did not have fun with her new knowledge. I do like my hair cut, but I did not appreciate the coloring process. One day, we bleached my hair to get the product out or something. The next day, she put in some fancy dye that was supposed to turn my hair light ash blonde, but instead turned my hair (I lie not) grayish purple. Since I have a very sensitive scalp, the bleaching and dying process was not fun. It was more like torture. I was ready to say, "yeah, I'm cool with the grayish purple hair," because I was so tired of my hair getting pulled with all of the combing and dying and combing and dying. KeriAnn would not let me keep my hair color, probably fortunately for me. Instead, she bleached my hair again -- twice. My hair now looks like a yellowish white, but my haircut is pretty awesome (even if it is shorter than I would like it). So, that was pretty traumatic for me.

I also got to see my BFF Cecilia, who came down twice from Salt Lake City to see me. It was cool to hang out with her, and see Enchanted with her (very good movie). But, what I liked best about seeing her was hearing the news that she would be moving back to California as early as the beginning of January. Yay! I'm very happy about that.

Speaking of good news, I got my final grade for my last class: 93% = A-. Not bad. I would have gotten a 98% if I hadn't have turned in an assignment one week late. I just couldn't find the motivation to complete the assignment -- a very boring compare and contrast the rules and procedures of three different entities paper. I felt like it was busy work, and even though I knew I would be penalized, I couldn't force myself to do it. I got a 50% on that paper (the paper itself was 10% of my grade). I guess I should be pretty happy about that, even if the A- does bring the GPA down a little.

Also, I have all of December off from school. I did my schoolwork so that I could finish one week early from my class, so I've actually been finished with school for almost 2 weeks now. I don't know why my class starts in January, but I do know that I will be starting my student teaching in February. Cool! I just have to make an appointment with the person in charge of finding me a placement. She is located in San Bernardino, and I really hope I don't have to drive all the way up there.

So, my room is pretty disastrous after that trip. We still have not unpacked completely, although my sister Katelynne helped me clean out my van on Tuesday. My van is so clean.

Anyhow, that's what I have been up to lately.