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Holiday sniffles
Christmas was okay. I totally scored a lot of cool things.

So, my whole family is sick, including me. I thought it was just "allergies" for the longest time. On Christmas Day, it was so not allergies. It's mainly a big cold, but I also threw up today. I think it was because I ate some Alka-Seltzer cold medication on an empty stomach, and then like 30 minutes later I had some soup. As far as vomit goes, it was alright. I had just barely eaten the soup, so it just tasted like food on the way back out.

I've been in bed the past two days trying to recover. I'm kind of bummed because today was my sister's birthday, and I didn't get to celebrate it with her. She was going to bring me to Seaworld with her boyfriend. Also, we were all so sick that we didn't really get to give her a good birthday.

Also, my computer voice recognition stuff really does not work well when I'm sick because it has a hard time recognizing my voice. I also have a hard time talking with all of the coughing and trying not to die.

We saw National Treasure II on Christmas Day night, though. It was pretty good, but I liked the first one better. Also, for the Alias fans out there, Milo Rambaldi was totally incorporated. We'll be seeing more of him in National Treasure III: Page 47. Am I right?

So, I hope I get better really soon.