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Happy New Year!
Han Solo
We spent New Year's at home playing games and eating goodies. It was awesome. I got to play my favorite card game with Kevin, Katelynne, Mom and Dad. And even though we didn't really win all that often, it was still really fun. I stayed the night in my chair watching cartoons -- Family Guy, Invader Zim and other Nick Toons.

Today was spent mostly playing cards with Kevin, Mom and Katelynne. The newlywed came home around 3:00 p.m. I think they are going to live in the garage room for about a month until they have funds to get their own place. The groom, Steven Moncrief, seems to be very well off financially for someone his age.

I also watched childhood fave Harry and the Hendersons and my brother's new movie Live Free or Die Hard. I haven't seen the former since I was a small kid. It's interesting seeing movies you really loved as a kid when you're an adult. The parts I remember are so interesting. I clearly thought that the conflict between George Henderson (John Lithgow) and his father was much more than it was. I really love the son, Ernie, though. He was great. I love that movie, still. Very good. The Bruce Willis flick was pretty excellent, even though it played into a lot of action hero stereotypes. I really like Justin Long, and it was cool to see him in a movie that did really well.

Other than that, I am just trying to make the best of my last week of no school. National starts up again on January 7, Monday. I'm doing much better, health wise. I'm still sick, but I can tell that I am getting better every day. I'm hoping to make it to Seaworld this weekend. I just have to find someone who would like to take me.