January 7th, 2008

geek, Luke

Today was a pretty good day

Today was pretty awesome.

Cecilia came over to work for me, and we ended up cleaning my room (which I have been needing to do since way before Christmas). It feels awesome to have a room where I know where things are! She left around 230, and then I went to my doctor's appointment.

My tracheostomy scar is really gross looking because it is connected to my esophagus on the inside, and it is really starting to bother me when I swallow or when I'm trying to cough when I'm sick. Anyhow, I got a doctor's appointment so I could basically get a referral to see a surgeon who could fix it for me. While at the doctor's office, who should I run into but my awesome friend Jenn! It was weird because I had called her that morning to see if she could hang out today, but she couldn't because of a doctor's appointment. We had no idea that we have the same doctor. Anyhow, that was pretty crazy. It certainly made the waiting room exponentially more entertaining.

Afterwards, my mom and I treated ourselves to some spicy buffalo strips at Wings -n- Things. We tried to get to the UPS store so we could send out a bunch of packages, but they were closed. We picked up some prescriptions at Long's and then some toilet paper and laundry detergent at Ralph's.

At home, we decided to play some more Zelda. I was pretty tired though, and I started falling asleep. That's when I decided I should probably go to bed.

While Cecilia was here, we discussed having many awesome marathons. She really wants me to watch this British show called Spaced, which I have already downloaded to my computer. We also talked about watching all three extended editions of Lord of the Rings, having a Star Wars Marathon and also watching all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I know. There are just not enough minutes in the day!

In other news, my first official day of class was today although I already checked in yesterday. I should probably see what's going on there.