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Rock on!
Nate & Hales
Cecilia worked for me again today, and I opened my mail. Some of the mail was from November. I tried to take care of as many things as I could with my righteous friend. Cecilia is awesome like Sunday morning.

I got to dine with Jenn for lunch. We headed to Tacos Tijuana where I had the chicken burrito and Jenn had the cactus taco. We were both very satisfied. I am giving this place my highest recommendations. Not only were the burritos delicious on the inside, but the tortillas were tasty in and of themselves. Plus, they were sturdy. They held in all of the gushy contents without any of them spilling out the sides or the bottom or the top. I also purchased a salmon burrito to go. I ate half of the chicken burrito and brought the rest home for my mom. I figured we could each heat half of a burrito -- chicken and salmon. Both were most excellent.

On the way to Tacos Tijuana, we saw some guy who crashed his car into the brick wall surrounding my neighborhood. He ran over two trees before slamming his car into the brick wall. I don't know how that happened, but it was pretty weird.

Speaking of weird, I had this crazy dream about Comic Con. I think I was one of the heroes from Heroes, but it was the same and different. I was part of a group of superheroes, and we all had different powers but we accessed them the same way -- by using math. Then there was this really mean person there, and they were trying to steal our algorithms or something, and it was frightening. Also, I was a very hot black girl in this dream. I ended up being best friends with a very attractive Latino guy, and we kissed because somehow that was logical. Also, in another part of the dream Tom Hanks was trying to frame one of my friends (Dave) for kidnapping him. Tom Hanks was very very evil! Like, he got Dave alone and then somehow convinced him to tie him up, and was asking Dave as if Dave was helping him for an acting project. It was extremely diabolical in my dream. I think the superheroes were trying to stop Tom Hanks.

Anyhow, today we got Rock Band for our Xbox 360, and we have had lot of fun playing it so far. I also picked up the Bring It On three pack and the newest one to make my cheerleading movies collection complete.

I also got to meet with my friends Marissa and Michelle tonight for a little visit. Good stuff all around!

I can't believe I forgot to record One Tree Hill. What kind of a fan am I?