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Yesterday, I went to the mall with Kim, Cecilia, and Chris. We had some good Japanese food, and then I did some pretty cool shopping.

I got a couple of cool cups and also a Pirates of the Caribbean shirt at the Disney store at magnificent discounts. Then I got some awesome strawberry lemonade lotion from Bath and Body Works for only three dollars. This is really cool, because the strawberry lemonade flavor (scent) is a really rare one that has been discontinued for some ridiculous reason. Probably all the other flavors were jealous of how awesome it was, and the petty rivalry was too much for the people in charge. Anyhow, score! Then I got some professional teacher clothing at Old Navy, also heavily discounted. Overall, a very successful trip.

Today, I interviewed a librarian from Temecula Valley High School, dropped off a copy of the chapter I am using for future assignments at my teacher's house, and ate some delicious lunch at Pat & Oscar's with Cecilia. We ate outside because the weather was so agreeable. Nice sunshine and beautiful blue skies.

I have also been a very good mood lately. I've just been bubbling with happiness.