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The week...
TV love
I have had a pretty busy week.

On Tuesday, I had a consultation appointment to get my tracheostomy scar looked at by a plastic surgeon. He said he could help me out, but his surgery scheduler has yet to call me.

Also, on Tuesday, the wheelchair people called me to update me on the status of my chair. That was cool specially since I'm usually the one constantly calling them. I still have to straighten out my insurance with Medi-Cal. I'm not looking forward to that. I hate being on the phone for a thousand hours and then finding out I need to be transferred to a different department, which is what happens when I call Medi-Cal.

On Wednesday, I was mostly pretty lazy. I did some homework, I pretended to some homework, I was going to hang out with my friend Kim but she had a headache and couldn't hang, I watched some TV with Cecilia, and I played Chocolatier: Secret Ingredients with my mom. I also watched Juno with Christina in the evening. I also went to the store with my mom to get some ingredients for hoagies while my brother got his hair cut.

Today, I had a presidency meeting which was most productive. I watched some true crime shows with my brother while napping, played more Chocolatier with my mom, and tried to do some homework. Tonight, Cecilia came over and had dinner with us. She brought some cookies which were very delicious. We watched Spaced and some Aliens in America.

Spaced is a wacky British show which I'm sure I would enjoy more if I could understand what they were saying better. It's not that the accents are so hard to understand, but they also talk really fast. I like it so far, but I feel like I miss a lot.

Aliens in America it is an unsung CW comedy which is extremely cute, well-written, well directed, well acted, and smart. Without commercials or credits, each episode is about 20 minutes long which is like the perfect length. I highly recommend it, and I hope that it doesn't get canned. I hope that the WGA strike ends soon. I have to have my TV fix! I'm like a junkie with the shakes of withdrawal! Can you imagine if the cocaine or marijuana dealers ever went on strike? Of course they probably don't have a union... I think I'm thinking too much.

I'm sending out my Groundhog Day cards really soon, so if you haven't given me your address yet, please either e-mail me or click on the Groundhog Day tag and then fill out the poll telling me where to send your card. Groundhog Day is the best!