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(no subject)
I have been trying to be better about journal writing, but after a couple of days of writing in a row, I just feel like I am so boring.

I was supposed to have gone to Seaworld on Thursday with my friend Megan, but with the crazy rainy weather, we decided to stay in town. We went to the movies instead, and we saw Atonement, which I appreciated for its undeniably artistic quality, but did not like. I thought it was too sad. Overall, I think the movie was a cautionary tale on why you should never EVER use the C-word. Anyhow, it was great to see a movie with Megan and Cecilia, and it was especially great that we got into the movies for free. Excellent!

On Friday, I felt really really lazy. I needed to get homework done and prepare for the garage sale. Instead, I watched Children of Dune with Cecilia. I was just going to watch the first part, but then we got really into it. Then, I said, "let's just watch the first disc," but then the second part ended in a really cliffhanger-ish part, so we had to keep watching. My brother had some friends over, and we all had steak for dinner. It was delicious.

Today, we had the garage sale even though we hadn't prepared properly. We probably didn't get set up until 8:45 a.m., and by that time all the really hard-core garage sale seekers have gone home. We did end up making like $50, though. I think I might hold one next Saturday, too.

I got to go to my student teacher orientation today, wherein I found that I am starting to student teach on Friday. That's right, this next Friday. I will be an official student teacher. I will be like a grown up, kind of. With a grown up-like job (that I don't get paid for). Still. That's pretty cool. My questions were not fully answered at orientation, though. I'm wondering if I have to go every day, if I have to go to every single class that my teacher teaches in every single day, or if it is more relaxed. Otherwise, student teaching is not going to be (as) fun, because school starts at 7:30 a.m. I actually do not mind waking up early and being all sunshine and rainbows first thing in the a.m., but my helpers are not morning people, so this could get tricky quickly.

I have been trying to do my homework since about 5:00 p.m., but I keep getting distracted with everything. I think that teaching is going to be great, but I really don't like doing these formal lesson plans. I still don't see how it fits into the big picture, and so it's like the teacher is asking me to make a couple of puzzle pieces for a big puzzle, but I don't know what shape the big puzzle is, what the puzzle's picture is, or what the other pieces are shaped like so I can connect the pieces I'm making to the other pieces. Anyhow, that's why I don't like it. I should really get on it. I have a little less than two hours until the assignment is due.