February 1st, 2008

Fear or loved

First day!

Today was my first day of student teaching. It was exhausting, but great. My mentor teacher (Sarah) was excellent. It was also cool to find out that she is only one month younger than I am. I'm excited for next week. It should be cool.

I'm still a little bit confused on how everything works with student teaching -- like how much I have to do, when I should be at school, what exactly I should be doing, and so forth. I expect these issues to be resolved when I go to the seminar on Tuesday.

Now if I could only finish up this class which ends tomorrow. I've already started my assignments, but I'm just so tired and also a little bit anxious. I got 13/30 on one of my assignments for not following instructions, but I totally did follow instructions. And, it's not my fault that the instructions were really crappy. I'm also mad at myself because this week is take the survey week, and I was holding out because I wanted these issues to resolved, and now the survey is no longer available.

Yesterday, I met with some really cool ladies from Cal State San Marcos who are working on an art project on mixed abilities and visual portrayals. They were really cool (apparently, "cool" seems to be my word of choice today). I really hope that I can help them out. It looks like they might be helping me out a lot more, though, because they really enjoyed my idea for a choreographed dance, and they were interested in making it a reality. Also, one of them was attacked by uncaged Rottweilers three years ago, and was hospitalized because of it. That was interesting to hear about, but must have been really frightening for her.

We saw Dawn, Jessica, Brandon & Sydney today. That was a pretty awesome time. We haven't seen them for at least a month, so it was nice to hang out with them today. I'm really tired, and I really want to watch Monk and Psych before I go to bed. Hopefully, those shows are new.