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Grammar time
I feel badly for not updating in a while, especially because I made it a goal to update every day. I have been really busy lately. School, as fun as it is, zaps a lot of my time and energy.

About school: I love my students so much! Every single one of them is really really really cute, and I just love them! I really like the fifth period class, but I also enjoy periods two and seven, but every class is a lot of fun.

Also, I got my new wheelchair last Thursday. Today, they were able to program it (a little bit, anyway). I'm in my old one as I speak, but I should be in my new one soon. My brother is changing the position of the easy lock in my van so that I will be able to lock in with my new chair. I will probably transfer to it tonight.

My sister's wedding reception is this Saturday, and my family is stressing about it hard-core.

My best friend Cecilia is leaving to Europe on Thursday. I'm going to miss her so much! She is going to have so much fun, though. I'm excited for her.

Katelynne's 16th birthday was on Friday, and for a special treat, we saw BYU's Young Ambassadors perform in Riverside. I went with her and my mom. Both of them were not very happy about the drive there, or finding a parking spot, or the rain that was falling as we were walking to the venue, but they loved the performance, and they had a great time. (Young Ambassadors is a singing and dancing group that does numbers from popular music and popular musicals. My favorite was the Newsies dance "Seize the Day.")

Although it was rainy last week, this week has been absolutely beautiful. The sky is so blue, and I think we are in the 70s or maybe even 80s for temperature. I just hope this beautiful weather trend stays for a reception on Saturday!