April 3rd, 2008

Joan of Arcadia

Horn honker

I had to go the Social Security Administration office today so I could request a copy of my social security card. Because we had to park in a regular spot because all of the handicapped spots were taken, I had to be picked up instead of just rolling in like usual. Well, on the way out, both spots were open, so I waited for my mom to drive into the left-hand spot so that we could open the ramp, and I could get in on the passenger side. I was waiting in the "no parking" area, when this genius comes up and honks at me -- several times. At first, I was like, "this dude can't be honking at me" because my back was turned toward him. And then he honked again. And then he honked louder and longer. I kind of turned toward him all, "seriously?" And then he parks into the completely open and unobstructed spot right next to me. Why the honking? I really have no idea. It's not like he could have parked where I was at. The only thing I can think of is that he wanted the left-hand spot (for some bizarre reason), and he wanted me to move so he could have it. But, whatever, dude. You didn't need that parking spot for any good reason, and I kind of doubt that you really need the handicapped placard either, by the way that you jumped out of your car and ran toward the building, but whatever. Maybe you were having a really bad day. Also, PS, your horn is like extremely annoying.