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Yet another awesome dream
sw, c3p0
So, I had a really weird dream last night. I would document it here, you know, for posterity.

I was a child actress shooting a movie about a girl who can talk to ghosts. But, in my dream I really could see ghosts -- but only the ghosts of fish and also drowning victims. We were shooting a scene at an aquarium, and then there was this legend about the aquarium being the site of a suicide wherein a 16-year-old girl drowned herself. Anyhow, I could see her swimming in the aquarium with the fishes, and she was really transparent and ghostly looking, and she had long whitish blonde hair. I was going to tell my (onset actress) mom that I saw her, but then the ghost attacked me and made it so I couldn't talk or breathe, for that matter. It was really frightening.

Then, there was this other part where we are watching an outdoor play at Cal State San Marcos against the hill. In real life, there's nothing like that at Cal State, but it was pretty cool. I could also see two drowning victims -- a boy and a girl who were boyfriend/girlfriend -- but they were not mean ghosts.

Also, there was this other part where we're trying to cast Brad Pitt's nine-year-old son to be my brother, because in my dream Brad Pitt had a son that was around my same age. (Yes, in the dream I was like 8-9 years old.)

At the end of my dream, I was at this other place, and my real-life grandpa (the one who just passed away) was there eating pumpkin pie. I told him it looked good, and he gave me some bites. Then my grandma (who really wasn't my real grandma, but she was like different looking or something in the dream) comes by and is like, "some things never change." I inferred that she meant Grandpa wasn't supposed to be sharing his food, because he needed to eat the calories because he was so skinny.

Anyhow, that was my dream.