April 13th, 2008


Of garage sales and old friends

Yesterday, I went to a multi-family garage sale at a storage unit place, and I got a lot of books (I've decided to collect them for my future classroom), the Legend soundtrack (only $.35), and some awesome lockers. When I say lockers, I mean like high school lockers. They are metal and the right size and everything. I got 10 of them for only $20. Score! When I came home from the garage sale with Cecilia, I tried to get my parents hyped up about my purchase by calling them garage organizational units. When they found out they were lockers, they were a little less excited, but they still went down and picked them up for me.

Also, yesterday, my BFF from Arizona (Kerri) came down and we hung out. We watched Hot Rod, and we played Alias Spy Games, and we got some Hannah Montana yogurt water from Winco, and then we went out to eat at Sizzler, and then we went home and watched a couple of episodes of 30 Rock. Overall, it was a very very fun time. Kerri and I have been best friends since high school. After I turned 18, she was also my roommate. I worked with her at Burger King and also at Circle K. We first met in choir when we were just wee little freshmen. When I go on my 30th birthday cruise, (well, it's actually going to be our 30th birthday cruise, because she is turning 30, too), she is totally coming with. I haven't decided whether we want to go to Hawaii or Alaska. I really want to go to Hawaii, because the ship leaves from Los Angeles and then travels all the way to Hawaii. The Alaskan cruises leave from San Francisco at their most southern point, so that means nine extra hours of driving. Anyhow, I'm glad she came, and am looking forward to seeing her again next month!