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Weezer review
I recently acquired Weezer's Red Album, and I thought I would review it here.

As a long-time fan of Weezer, I was very excited to listen to this. I also really liked the "Pork and Beans" song and music video, so I was hyped.

The album is one of action, but action tempered with maturity. Unlike "Make Believe," (which was a perfectly good album) this one didn't seem like it was trying as hard. It had an overall feel of "We like who we are, but not because it came easy to us."

Besides the perfectly catchy "Pork and Beans," my favorite song was "The Greatest Known That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)." At almost 6 minutes, it combined many different styles in one song (almost reminiscent of Queen) to deliver something that I have never heard before from Weezer (or any other band, for that matter).

The other songs on the album are very listenable, and I really appreciated the dark sound of "Cold Dark World," which is also very different from what we have heard from Weezer in the past. Overall, I really liked the album, because it felt rich and diverse. Aside from "Pork and Beans," the songs on this album sound very divergent from the Weezer of old, so don't go in expecting a revamped version of the blue album, because you will be disappointed.