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(no subject)
sw, c3p0
On Friday, Cecilia, Chris and I had a Star Wars marathon. We managed to watch all six movies in one day! We also made some awesome chilghetti (chili + spaghetti in one). It was great. I just wish I was a little more awake during the actual event. I think I fell asleep at least 15 times for small intervals. It's hard to watch Star Wars attentively when I have been using it as a sleep aid during hard times in my life. I've sort of been programmed to sleep when it's on. Doesn't mean I don't LOVE Star Wars, because I totally totally do.

Yesterday, we had a garage sale. I can't believe how hot it was! We did pretty decently, even if I only made like maybe five dollars. After we packed everything up, we took me back to my house so I could enjoy the awesomeness of air-conditioning. Both Cecilia and Chris fell asleep in my room while visiting. I think they took an almost 2 hour nap. I watched Myth Busters and Future Weapons in the other room, intermittently dozing off. Speaking of Myth Busters, they are going to be at comic con!

I am totally excited about comic con. It is going to ROCK! Not looking forward to the parking situation, but everything else sounds awesome.