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Last night, I saw Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey at the cricket amphitheater in Chula Vista. It was AWESOME! The handicapped seating there was especially good, and reasonably cheap. We basically had $200 seats for about one third of the cost. I went with Chris and Cecilia.

We left a little bit later than I would have liked to have left, but we managed to catch the tail end of Cheap Trick. They are really cool from what little I saw of them.

Heart was absolutely amazing. Ann Wilson can SING. Nancy was very cool guitar, even if her stage moves were a little choreographed and repetitive. Ann is bigger than her 1970s self, but I liked that about her. She wasn't going to let appearances stop her from doing what she loves and I think that is a strong positive message to send to America. My favorite song was probably "Alone," even though they didn't use the drums. They sang "Crazy on You" for their encore piece and it was awesome.

Journey was likewise excellent, even though they have recently replaced their lead singer with this Filipino guy named Arnel. Sometimes, if I closed my eyes, I really would not have been able to tell the difference between his voice and Steve Perry's. He was a joy to watch, and very vivacious on stage. He looks like 20 years younger than the rest of the band, and I think, if the band is in their 60s, he is, but he looks much younger than 40 years old; he looks about 32, at most. They played for about 1 1/2 hours. We left a little after their first encore song because I do not want to get caught in a crowd of people, plus we were starving. They played every single song from their greatest hits album, and I think they played like three songs from their new album "Revelations."

Going to the concert reminded me of how much I hate alcohol. I don't understand it at all -- the rank smell, the way it affects people's judgments, and why people use it to get wasted at events that they would want to remember going to. The mind boggles.

Afterwards, we went to Keith's Diner I think we were mostly underwhelmed with both the service and food. I had a delicious chicken jalapeno sandwich which wasn't really very spicy at all. I think it tasted good to me because I was SO hungry.

So, that's my review. I thought it was a great show, if you have a chance to see it, you should.