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Spam amusement.
Click yes!!
It seems like I get these e-mails every day, telling me that deceased person or a Nigerian king want to deposit $18 million into my account, either because the deceased person has my same last name or because the Nigerian king needs to get the money out of the country.

The last one I got, just this morning, amused me because of its reference to actual events. The letter writer told me that a guy with my same last name (neglected to say what my last name actually was) died of a heart attack because all of his relatives died in the 2004 tsunami. He then included a link to Wikipedia about the 2004 tsunami. Way to go, letter writer! You know, that added element of realism, plus the link to an encyclopedia site that can be edited by laypersons really makes me want to give you all of my personal information! It really gives it that push of believability that those other e-mails don't have. If it didn't reference Wikipedia, I may not have believed it was true! But, because it did, I can't wait to give you my Social Security number and my mother's maiden name!