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Brain cloud
Fear or loved
Hello again! I got a really awesome mouth mouse that controls my computer hands free. It's awesome because I can listen to music as loud as I want and not have to worry about the sound interfering with what I am doing. The mouth mouse came just in time because my desktop computer decided to hate my voice-recognition program, and I have not been able to fix it. I am now dictating from my laptop computer which I had previously completely neglected. I'm not sure what will fix my desktop. Not being able to write made me incredibly sad. I'm glad I am able to write again. I mean, I actually could write with the mouth mouse, but it was with using an on-screen keyboard one letter at a time. That was actually almost more depressing than not being able to write at all.

So, since I last wrote, I've been to Sea World twice -- once with my sister Kellie and her husband Steven, and once with Cecilia and Chris. I did not have a very good time with Kellie and Steven. It's not very fun to be with people that are constantly fighting (remember that episode of THE OFFICE where they had a dinner party with Jan and Michael? It was like that, but not funny because it was real-life.) Also, my sister doesn't let me plan anything out, so we only got to see one show. I also think that the chicken tenders I had for dinner gave me food poisoning. I was ralphing that night, and I had to miss church the next day. With Cecilia and Chris, I had a a pretty good time. We went right when the park opened, which I've never done before. We saw a bunch of shows, and we also had enough time to just relax and chill out for a bit. I've never really done that at Sea World, either.

What else? Oh yeah, I am going out of town next Tuesday to visit my brother/sisters and most of the extended in Utah. My sister is having a baby shower on Wednesday. It will be fun to see my grandparents and also my adorable little nephew.

We've also been playing ROCKBAND a lot lately. I've caught some of the Olympics, including trampoline gymnastics, which was a lot more exciting than it actually sounds. I also watched some beach volleyball, synchronized diving, individual gymnastics, and some girl runners. I watched Michael Phelps get his eighth gold medal, and I watched some interview with him and his mom.

Other than that, I have been pretty into Depeche Mode lately, and it has been handy to be able to listen to them very very loudly.