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California bear
I had a migraine yesterday. It's been such a long time since I've had an actual migraine that I forgot how much it really hurts you, and how absolutely incapacitating they are. I used to get them all the time when I was in high school, but I haven't had more than three of them since my accident in 1999 (not including the neuro-pain and headaches I got back in 2001 which were so much more painful than the worst migraine).

I got an A- in my last class on health education. I consider that a pretty good grade. If I had actually cared about the class, I'm sure I would have done a little better. I'm now taking a class on education and cultural linguistics. I love linguistics, but so far I haven't learned anything new. I took two awesome linguistics classes back at Cal State.

I've been watching a lot of old-school Smallville lately, and that's been fun. Lex is hotness personified.

My sister and her husband got a pitbull puppy last week, and I'm not happy about it. I mean, yeah, it is really cute because it's small and little, but that only lasts for a really small amount of time. It chews everything, pees everywhere, and is generally annoying. I wouldn't even mind that much if my sister would actually take care of her animal, but she doesn't. She and her husband just went on a three-day vacation to Big Bear and left the dog behind. I don't think the rest of the household understands my pain. I can't go upstairs (or hideout in the garage room) to escape the pet smell or the mess it creates. I'm stuck down here having to listen to it whine, and I can't do anything to kick it out of my room where it pees on my rug. My parents should not have agreed to let her have it. They know that once it starts looking like a dog, Kellie and Steven are not going to want it anymore, and the family will have to take care of it. It sucks.