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High school reunion
So, I got back from my high school reunion Sunday afternoon. It actually wasn't bad. I didn't die, and I didn't get the biggest loser award or anything like that. Also, it's crazy how many people looked almost exactly the same.

Beyond that, I actually had higher expectations of what the reunion would actually be, but considering the motivatedness (or lack thereof) the GHS class of 98 has always had, it really should not have been a surprise. It was held in a country club, buffet dinner was served (didn't eat any of it), had a slideshow, they gave out like five awards, and there was a DJ. The slideshow was something that one of the teachers made back in the day, and as such, only had the same 12 people in it over and over again. Lame. The awards they gave out were for: longest married, most kids, longest distance traveled, and least changed. I was hoping they would give out a most changed award, because I think I would have totally snagged that one. So yeah, they also had a class picture.

My graduating class had 578 kids (only 529 actually graduated, but that's another story), and only maybe 50 kids came to the reunion (not counting spouses and significant others), which means that fewer than 10% actually came. Out of those who did, I did get to see some old friends that I haven't seen in FOREVER, so it was nice to see them again (shout outs to Ashley, Julia, Kerri-girl and Beth).

It was crazy to see my old neighborhood again, and to see just how much Gilbert, Arizona has changed in nine years. We stayed at the Best Western in Mesa, and it was a pretty good place. I also got to go to the thrift store shop with my mom, and we totally spent way more money than we should have on awesome awesome purchases. One of my favorite thrift stores (the DAV) had its name changed to U-CARE thrift store and was shut down. That's pretty tragic.

I got to hang out with Ashley for lunch, and Kerri and Lachelle for dinner on Saturday. On Friday, Justin was picked up by his friend Chad who lives in Maricopa. He'll be hanging with him for the next couple of weeks or so.