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Another exciting update
I just finished my assignments for last week like 10 minutes ago, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. Yeah, it was due at midnight, and yes, I did turn it in around 1 AM, but... what was my point? I actually forget what my point is. Maybe my point is I really just don't feel motivated to get stuff done unless there is enormous pressure to do it. I'm going to try and turn in my final paper next week early, like possibly four or five days early. And I can hear you laughing at me right now, but stop it! I totally can do it.

I actually did have some setbacks this week which prevented me from not resorting to procrastination. My Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9 decided it was too good for me and stopped working. I tried everything to resuscitate it, but it was having none of it. It flatlined, and I had to call it. So, I upgraded to version 10. Well it is aesthetically more pleasing and I do detect a noticeably greater level of accuracy and speed, it is buggy and stupid sometimes, and it resolved none of the other problems of previous versions and has more annoying ones, too. Well done, Nuance. Why don't you get me to test version 11 next time? I'll give you a giant list of things that you could fix so people like me won't want to hunt you down like a rabid animal and kill you really hard.

Justin left for Mexico on Wednesday to go to his sister's wedding in Cancun. I hope he has a good time. He comes back on Thursday.

Getting married in a foreign country, especially Mexico, seems dumb to me, though. Like weddings aren't expensive enough. When I get married, I'm going to have my reception at a Chuck E. Cheese. It's cheap, they provide the food, there's plenty of parking, nobody has to get a passport to come, and I can make those creepy little animatronic mice sing all the songs on my wedding playlist, and yes, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel is totally on that list. Will it be creepy? Probably. But what my wedding reception lacks in quality, it will make up for in quantity. Especially the expense-presents ratio, meaning that I will totally be in the black afterwards. And, it will most likely be a reception that no one is likely to forget anytime soon. But, all this is assuming I will actually get married one day, and the likelihood of me getting struck by lightning and winning the lottery in the same day is actually better.

I feel like I should update more. I mean, clearly, I'm an interesting person, and I should let all three readers of mine know exactly how interesting I am.

For instance, the other night I had a dream where I was a contestant on Paris Hilton's BFF show, and one of the other contestants stabbed me in the back making me ineligible for the Thanksgiving day challenge wherein all the contestants were eating a really awesome Thanksgiving dinner on Paris's cruise ship. I totally snuck on the boat for revenge and sabotage, and because I really wanted in on the Thanksgiving day action. My friend's band Neon Trees was playing in the ballroom of the ship. So then I started dancing and enjoying their music (which is absolutely phenomenal, by the way). Then, my only sabotage cohort (don't know who he was in real life, but I have seen him in other dreams, weirdly enough) got mad at me for something, and then I was like, "don't get mad at me. Let's make out." So we did. And it was pretty awesome.

Also, I realize that this is not my first Paris Hilton dream. A while ago (August 7, 2008), I dreamed that we were best friends and we went shopping at the mall. And that was before she had her little BFF show. So, clearly my subconscious mind really wants to be best friends with Paris Hilton, though I don't really like her that much in real life.

Speaking of her BFF show, yes, I did watch every single episode, thanks for asking. Yes, it was horrible, but I don't care. It's one of those reality shows that hits all of my buttons. I was kind of mad that they edited the show to make Vanessa look like such a crazy. I don't think she is that psycho in real life, and I did like her from episode one. I also really liked Shelley, and I even liked Brittany who won, but just not as much as Vanessa and Shelley who were my faves. I intensely disliked Zui, and I went to her MySpace page, and apparently she's like some type of suicide girl or something, and all her fans were like, "you shouldn't have gotten kicked off. You're the best!" And I just wanted to comment, "yes you should have gotten kicked off. You wanted to stab someone for being racist even though she just said that it makes sense that someone likes to do pedicures because he's Vietnamese. On a racist scale of 1-10 (10 being the most racist) that's like maybe a 1.5. You don't threaten to kill people over that unless you are psycho. Oh wait, you are." But I didn't because I didn't want to incite any drama. Her rabid fans would have murderlized me.

Well, I've been writing for a pretty long time. I think I'm going to go to bed now.

Eva Marie

My little niece Eva Marie was born on October 21. Here are some awesome pictures of the little angel.
Eva_Marie1 em 2
There she is wearing the adorable hippie dress I bought for her.
em 3  em 4


em 5
em 6 em 7 em 8

In the above pictures she is with her mom, her brother and mom, my parents, her parents, her mom, my mom and my mom's mom, and all decked out on her blessing day.

This was a cool video
California bear

I don't often pimp videos, so you know that this is a good one. 40 movie inspirational speeches in about two minutes. Definitely worth one or two views.