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Dorky dancing is awesome
Grammar time
I don't think I mentioned that I got a 97% in the last class I took. Yay!

This Friday, I'm going to have a dancing dance dork-off (a dorky dance dance-off). There are going to be three categories of dance: famous imitations, group dance, and freestyle. In famous imitations, I'm going to have clips of various dorky dances from movies or TV shows in which the contestants will attempt to imitate the dances. (Any suggestions?) In group dance, contestants will be partnered with one another in groups of two or three and attempt to choreograph a short 30-second dance with each other. Freestyle, which will be worth the most amount of points (yes, I'm keeping track), is essentially the contestants performing the dorkiest dance they possibly can dance. The winner gets $20. I'm going to be having a runner-up prize, and other special prizes, complete with certificates. And yes, I will be filming for posterity purposes.

Anyhow, that will keep me pretty occupied this week. My January class is also pretty time intensive.

I have made some New Year's resolutions, and I am excited to be productive for 2009. I really want to update the journal more often.

Other than that, I have not been really productive in 2009 just yet. I don't think I'm all unpacked from my trip yet, either. I so rule.