January 8th, 2009

sw, c3p0


I had a much better day today. I'm feeling well, happier and more back to my usual self. I still feel a little on the sad side, but I hope that will subside tomorrow at my awesome dorky dance party. Speaking of dorky dances, I have compiled the following list of dorky dances in which the contestants will attempt to imitate:

Jon Heder - Napoleon Dynamite
Molly Shannon - Superstar
David Boreanaz - Angel
Jack Black - Total Finale Live
Carlton Banks - Fresh Prince
Kevin James - Hitch
Drew Barrymore - Never Been Kissed
Patrick Dempsey - Can't Buy Me Love
Jamie Bell - Billy Elliot
Tom Hanks - Joe Versus the Volcano
Luke Wilson -- Alex and Emma

This party is going to be unreal.