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Dorky dance off results
Grammar time
Today was pretty good. I taught Sunday school, which I hadn't planned on doing, but there were no other teachers there. I thought I did an okay job.

I don't really know what's going on with me lately. I just have this weird sense of sadness that doesn't seem to go away. I think it's fear and existential angst, maybe. I have some pretty happy moments during the day, and I still love life, but it's bringing me down. Maybe I'm just sad because I'm paralyzed, and I can't do everything that I want to do. That happens from time to time.

On to happier news, the dorky dance off went very well. I had seven contestants (Cecilia, Justin, Chris, Marisa, Krystal, Kristin and Katelynne). We had three events in which they competed -- famous imitations, group dance and freestyle. Justin came in first place, and Chris got second. Katelynne got the crowd pleaser award, and Cecilia got most inventive. The honorable mentions were Kristin (wormiest), Krystal (sexiest), and Marisa (funnest). I had a great time, and this is definitely an event I want to have again. Next time, though, I do not want to be the only judge. It was a lot of pressure.

Here we all are, with our awards and the scoreboard.