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Dentist visit
So, last Tuesday, I went to the dentist to get my cavity refilled after the other one fell out of my mouth while flossing, and I forgot to report on it. I figured now was the perfect time to report that it went relatively smoothly.

My appointment was for 11:15 AM, and I was back in the room where they do things to you by 11:45 AM. The dentist shoots my gums up with the numbing shots and then leaves me alone for a bit, I guess, so that the medicine has a chance to work its magic before he goes in with the other dentist implements. Then, a lady from the front office tells me that he is running behind schedule and would I like to come in a different day to get my filling done. I told her no, because I really wanted to get it done at this point, because actually getting the shots is the worst part of it. Anyway, I think the lady must have been lying, because I was out of there by 12:20 PM.

I didn't get anxious the 10 days before when I knew I was going to the dentist. I didn't even get anxious leaving the house to go there, but I did get anxious right before he put the shot in my gums, and then again right before he put the horrible high-pitched squealing device into the tooth. I was thinking to myself, "how did I get seven cavities filled before this without dying?" But, I was a model patient. I didn't cry or complain or freak out. I felt like I should have got some type of a prize, though.

I'm sort of a weirdo, because I actually remember my very first dentist visit when I was not even three years old. I remember my dentist was very mean, I was crying a lot, and he had bubblegum in his office which he totally did not give me.

Anyhow, I'm going to turn in.