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Pirate party + mini rant
potc pirate king
So, my pirate party was a pretty successful event. We had it on Friday the 13th, I had a pretty decent turnout. I was actually surprised at the amount of people who dressed like pirates. Everyone seemed to like the (temporary) tattoos and also the coloring contest, which I found surprising. Cecilia ended up winning the costume contest, and Ken Barry won the sword fight contest, Jeweliet Fuller won the coloring contest, and the treasure hunt was won by the black team.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time at the event. I also had a very wonderful time.

There's no proper with a segue into what I'm going to talk about next. Maybe this paragraph will serve as a buffer between subjects.

You know what I hate? I hate it when people say to me, "Kim, you hate being wrong." Maybe it's just because it's so obvious of a statement. I mean, who really loves to be wrong? Of course, I'm going to hate being wrong. It's silly to say this to me like it's some sort of aspect of my personality that I've never considered before. I hate being wrong, but I'm not the only one. We all hate being wrong. I'm not special because I hate it, too. This mini rant is brought to you by February, the stinky armpit of the year.