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(no subject)
princess nerfherder
I got the grade back from my last class: 100%. Yay!

In other good news, I'm working on my final class that I have to take for my masters degree, and I will be completely finished on the 28th of this month. That means no more school or homework for a long time! (At least, no more homework for me; when I get a job teaching I will be going to school and grading homework, which seems more appealing than doing homework to me -- right now.) Very excited about that.

Last night, I went to my friends' show in Hollywood with Justin and Marisa. 'Twas pretty fun. I'm super tired, though. Got in around 3:30 AM, slept until 6:00 AM, got into bed at 6:30 AM, slept for another hour, and then I was out of bed again at about 8:00 AM.

I am very interested in my New Year's resolutions again. I'm trying to be sugar free once more. I lasted about 25 days in January before I gave up. Now, I've been sugar free for almost 5 days, and it seems like an eternity.

Speaking of sugar, my dad was diagnosed with type II diabetes today. Still not sure what that means, but with a little research, I will. I hope it's not too horribly bad. My dad is an awesome person and a wonderful father and husband to my mom. I want to keep him for as long as possible.

For the past day or so, Justin has been working on my cable organization, and my brain is so much happier now that my giant wires mess is all cleaned up.

Got tickets to Paley Festival. Will be going to Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica. Very excited. I should really catch up on Battlestar. I am not finished with the third season, and I have all of season four to watch as well. I want to get caught up by the series finale on March 20. We'll see how that goes.

That's it, I guess.