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Stop. Grammar time!
Grammar time
You know what kind of annoys? When people spell out the plural of someone's last name and they use an apostrophe. For example, "I like to hang out with the Robinson's." And even though it is maybe a little awkward to look at, the plural of Williams is Williamses, so just get used to it. Also, it's never a good idea to use an apostrophe to pluralize anything. If you do this, and no one tells you to stop, it's because maybe you are intimidating, or maybe no one really likes you enough to stop you from looking like a total idiot in print. This public service announcement isn't even directed at any one person. I just started thinking about it today, and I thought, "I should post about this, you know, for posterity." Yes, I definitely need to let the future generations know about my nerdy, insane, grammar quirkiness.