March 25th, 2009

geek, Luke

Return of the Jedi has a badly done movie poster

I have this poster hanging in my room, and while I love Return of the Jedi just as much as the next freakishly obsessed Star Wars fan, I have many complaints about this particular poster.

First of all, Luke doesn't have a blue light saber in this movie. It's green. They made Han Solo look really old, and they make Lando Calrissian look like he's staring at Han Solo's armpit, plus it's just not that flattering of a picture of him in the first place.

I'm also miffed that several main characters do not appear on the poster (C-3PO, R2-D2, the Emperor, and Yoda), while very minor characters are featured (Bib Fortuna, a Gamorrean guard). It's just not very well done.

Also, it's like they tried to make it symmetrical (look at the top), but ultimately, they failed, and as a result, it's very heavy to the left where Jabba is. I don't mind Princess Leia in her slave outfit or even the adorable little Ewok next to her. But the whole thing could have been done better.