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I'm done with school... or am I?
I finished my last class for my masters degree! I'm excited to be done with school, but at the same time, I miss it. I really like school. I guess I'm weird that way.

Speaking of my last class, I got another 100%. I had to do a research project on some aspect of education, so I decided to pick how attitude influences outcome. It was pretty fun.

As I was thinking about school, I went to the website to check my GPA. I have a 3.83, which is pretty good. However, to be able to graduate having my official graduate degree say "distinction," I have to have at least a 3.85. In order to actually attain said GPA, I have to take nine more credits and score As in both classes. Does it make me crazy that I'm actually contemplating this? Now, before everyone rolls their eyes at me, please let me explain my fixation with this. I have three degrees: two associates, and a bachelors. All three of them say either "with distinction" or "cum laude." I don't want my most high degree not to say the same thing (especially since I have a higher GPA in my masters program than with any of the other degrees). That's just not fair.

Anyhow, I looked at all the available classes that I could possibly take, and they look really interesting, and I would be done by 1 August. Yeah, I totally almost put myself in the classes already. But, they are fun classes like the Pedagogy of Creative Writing, and Seminar in Fiction. It would be cool. What do you think?