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DOLLHOUSE panel Paley Festival 2009
Last night, my mom, Cecilia and I went to the DOLLHOUSE panel in Los Angeles. To read about what happened at the event, please click here.

I really liked going to the event, although I was disappointed that we didn't get a see a new episode of DOLLHOUSE. (They showed an episode that had previously aired two weeks ago.) And other than being a little bit sick at the event, (and also my wheelchair not working), it was just fine. It was super cool to see the peeps that came out to talk to us, and it was fun to go to Los Angeles, even if it is quite a drive.

We're going again on Monday to the Battlestar Galactica panel. And I am not even caught up on that series yet. I have only seen up to season three. Which means I need to watch like 20 episodes in three days. I can totally do it.