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The fun stuff I've been doing
California bear

I feel like such a dweeb lately. I haven't really been updating my journal that much, and it was my goal to write almost every day, and we see how awesomely I have been doing that.

Anyhow, last week I saw No Doubt, Paramore, and The Sounds down in Chula Vista with my sister Kellie. It was a lot of fun. Easily the best concert I've ever been to. Beforehand, we went to Sea world, which made me very happy because I haven't been there since August, and that is a long time for me. I also wanted to be able to use my passport before it expired.

Here we are at Sea world

Here are a couple of shots of us at the concert


Last Tuesday, I got to go to Disneyland with Cecilia, her grandpa and our friends Cynthia and David. It was a blast! I got to see the new Disneyland dance party parade, which, was quite excellent. Anytime there are people dancing around, I'm going to be a fan of whatever that is.

Memorial Day was also quite excellent. My dad barbecued the best most delicious burgers that have ever been barbecued in the history of mankind, and also there was chicken, hot dogs and corn on the cob. It was super yummy.

Afterwards, we went to the Mattsons' for a Memorial Day party that was pretty crazy. They have a lot of fun stuff going on there that it was pretty ridiculous. They have a giant pond thing that people were swimming in, jumping off the bridge into, zip lining into, water sliding into, kayaking in and stuff. Also, they had a trampoline, a nice lawn, an entire fun house consisting of a full-size indoor basketball court and the upstairs which I am told has a lot of other fun things to do like pool and table tennis and stuff. I went with Justin, Cecilia, and our friend Marisa and her kid. After a while, we left (minus Cecilia who wanted to stay longer) and had some frozen yogurt. All in all, a very good day.

On Tuesday of this week, I went to take my test and my exit interview in Carlsbad (at National University). Not sure I did well on the test, but the exit interview went well. We also dropped off Justin at the airport. He will be visiting his mom for a week.

Today, I used my freebie punch card at my favorite frozen yogurt place, and we got a giant container full of frozen yogurt. We were going to eat it at the place, but we did not want to catch diabetes from the amount of sugar that was on the stuff, so we took it home to share with the siblings. A very nutritious lunch, wouldn't you say? Also, even though we managed to pack in 26 ounces of stuff, the guy who worked there said that we didn't do a good enough job packing in the free yogurt, so he gave me back my punch card to use again. Sweet!


Daily tweets
California bear

  • 18:59 I watched The Babysitters Club today. It made me all reminiscent over the mid-90s. Sigh! #