July 20th, 2009

California bear

Ups and downs

 Van_frontWhat good luck: my van's transmission can be fixed by Wednesday before I go to comic con. What bad luck: it's going to cost me nearly 40% of my total annual income. When the guy told me over the phone, I LITERALLY started crying. Let's just leave it at that. I'm going to post a picture of my beautiful van (Shadowfax) back in the glory days.

What bad luck: my computer got a hard-hitting virus today. What good luck: I was able to get rid of it without too much hassle.

What bad luck: I have been hurting really badly lately. What good luck: I had some awesome friends (Cecilia and Chris) come over and hang out with me which definitely took my mind off of it. :-)

I'm excited about comic con, but I'm also feeling kind of down because of Shadowfax's transmission.